Recognized by 150+ countries and 8000+ schools
Recognized by 150+ countries and 8000+ schools
TESOL, which stands for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages," refers to teaching English to students who use it as a second language.

The TESOL certificate is an internationally recognized qualification for ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers, representing the global standard for English teaching skills. Its validity and authority are widely acknowledged worldwide.

Popular Class Setting

Popular Class Setting

TESOL Course

TESOL For Children
Target Students:
3-12 years old kids

TESOL Advanced
Target Students:
Middle School-adults
TESOL For Business
Target students:
TESOL Experts
Target Students:
Fully complies with UNESCO's international English teaching standards.
TESOL Certificates' key value
It helps you achieve high-paying employment and advance your career goals.
An internationally recognized English teaching qualification; essential for foreign teachers.
Enhances your English skills to international standards; a globally recognized English teaching certification.

TESOL Authority
The TESOL certificate is a globally recognized qualification for ESL teachers, representing international teaching standards.
It acts as a globally accepted "Green Pass" for English teaching.
The TESOL certificate is recognized in over 100 countries and by more than 5,000 schools.

70% of international English education institutions and 90% of the top 100 domestic institutions require TESOL certification.
TESOL certificates' value and authority

Founded in 1966 and accredited by the American Council on Education, TESOL is the most authoritative certificate in the field of English education worldwide!

In-service English Teacher:
English teachers aiming to improve teaching standards and gain international qualifications for career advancement.
TESOL Target Groups
Foreigners in China:
Native English-speaking foreigners who enjoy diverse cultures, embrace challenges, and wish to work in education in China or globally.
Aspiring English educators with good skills and those planning to study or work abroad.
On campus Students:
Students with CET-6 or higher, and those aspiring to teach English globally.
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TESOL stands for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages." It is an internationally recognized professional qualification for English teachers, acknowledged by over 5,000 schools in more than 80 countries. Most schools and language training institutions in North America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand recognize the TESOL certificate. TESOL courses focuse on teaching methods, cultural differences, and language structure. With TESOL certification, you can teach English in countries where it is a second language, access the international job market, and enjoy broad employment prospects.
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TESOL Class type
Offline class+Self-study class+ Recorded online class
TESOL Offline
Maximize in-person learning benefits: focused attention, immersive environment, rapid progress, comfortable settings, well-equipped classrooms, and face-to-face expert interactions. Ideal for quick improvement.
Utilize every moment in daily life to focus on TESOL course material. To qualify, simply complete all assignments and pass the exam. Exams can be scheduled every Friday by contacting customer service in advance.
Embrace online learning's flexibility with global access to top teachers, professional recordings, experienced instructors, and enhanced app functionality.
TESOL self-studying
TESOL online recorded lecture
Founded in 1966 and accredited by the American Council on Education, TESOL is the most authoritative certificate in the field of English education worldwide!

Mr Alex

Taifu Education is playing a pivotal role in providing a much needed education to steer China forward in the global academic voyage. The purpose of education is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, to spur critical and intellectual deliberations, enable future generations to have aspirations and empower them to compete globally. Our mission is to create a learning community where students can fulfill their personal potential by participating in quality learning experiences, prepare for a lifetime of challenges and opportunities, and develop a personal Vision of a preferred future. Taifu is playing the leading role in elevating the educational standards into the modern 21st century schooling model. We have spearheaded change, transformed the paradigms of teaching across the board. In China, TF has set new standards for schooling, curriculum innovation and administration excellence. RAPID an initiative of TF has introduced the Chinese teachers to the flipped classroom model, with more than 10,000 teacher trainings to its credit.

Founder of Taifu Education
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
TESOL Expert & Examiner
Borris Fagon

I am an educator with 25 years of experience in teaching English, ESL/EFL, TESL/TEFL, Linguistics and Social Studies.

Julian Charles

I have taught every age from 4 to 65, every level from absolute beginner to near fluent, and in many places, including a ski resort, a beach, a ship, a bank, and hundreds of classrooms.

Jane Schike

I am your instructor for the TESOL courses, "TESOL in China". Even before graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Education.

International Team of TESOL Experts

TESOL Offline Traing Class Schedule — 2024/04-2024/10

2024/04 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate04/02-04/069:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate04/15-04/199:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/05 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL Advanced Certificate05/01-05/059:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL for Children Certificate05/20-05/249:30-16:00
Small class size:8-12
TESOL for Business Certificate05/27-05/319:30-16:00Small class size:5-8

2024/06 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL Advanced Certificate06/08-06/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL for Children Certificate06/24-06/289:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/07 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate07/8-07/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate07/22-07/269:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/08 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate08/12-08/169:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate08/19-08/239:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/09 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate09/02-09/069:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate09/15-09/199:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/10 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate10/01-10/059:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate10/06-10/109:30-16:00Small class size:8-12


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UNESCO's global English teaching standards, Boosts English skills to international levels, A universally recognized certificate, Internationally acclaimed as the "Green Card" for English educators

Optimal choice for high-paying employment in top-tier educational institutions. Extensive partnerships established with leading universities.
TESOL Graduates

TESOL Graduates


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Valid for life
Internationally recognized
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The TESOL Teacher Training Program allows you to learn teaching techniques, methods and practical application while improving your English and immersing yourself in American culture.

The TESOL Training Centre provides a wide range of training and development courses for teachers.
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# Accredited training and certification # International Teaching Certificates # Highly Qualified Trainers # Certificate Globally Recognized # 100%Placement Assistance
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This internationally-recognised certification program will teach you all you need to know to teach English as a foreign language in China or other locations worldwide.
Drama in Education is the use of drama techniques to support learning in the classroom.
A TESOL course will train you to teach English anywhere around the world. Accredited by America TESOL
What does TESOL mean?

TESOL stands for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages." It focuses on ESL teaching methods and theories to enhance educators' qualifications. TESOL is accredited by multiple prestigious institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Experts Affairs of China and the American Council on Education (ACE).


More Job Oppotunities
Since 2010, over 2,000 excellent Chinese and foreign teachers have earned the TESOL International English Teacher Certification. They can teach English worldwide, with many opting to work at prestigious institutions like Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-sen University, EF Education First, Wall Street English, Web International English, RISE English, and English First.
TESOL Graduates
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In the ever-evolving landscape of language education, creativity and innovation are essential for engaging learners and fostering meaningful language acquisition. Traditional textbooks, while valua...
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) is a journey that transcends borders, cultures, and languages. From bustling metropolises to remote villages, TESOL educators embark on adventures that...
As we stand on the threshold of a new era, the landscape of language education is poised for transformation.
随着全球化的加速和国际交流的日益频繁,TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)证书作为国际英语教师资格认证的重要凭证,其未来发展趋势备受关注。以下是对TESOL证书未来趋势的预测与洞察。
​TESOL证书,即Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(对外英语教学)证书,不仅是英语教师专业技能的象征,更是职业道路上一个重要的里程碑。对于许多人来说,获得TESOL证书的过程,不仅是一次学习的旅程,更是一次从学习者到引领者的蜕变。
在当今全球化的教育环境中,TESOL证书正逐渐成为提升个人竞争力的必备之选。无论是想要在职场中脱颖而出,还是希望在教育行业中有所建树,拥有TESOL证书都能为您增添一份独特的优势。TESOL证书,即“Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages”的缩写
在当今全球化的社会中,语言交流的重要性愈发突显。随着不同文化之间的联系日益紧密,对于掌握第二语言的需求也与日俱增。而在这个需求的背后,TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)证书的价值愈发凸显。
TESOL,全称为Teaching Englishto Speakers of Other Languages,即对外英语教学,专门针对母语非英语国家的人群进行英语教学。TESOL课程则是一门致力于培养高效英语教师的专业课程,其目标不仅在于让学员掌握教学技巧和知识,更在于引领他们成为英语教育领域的专家。
TESOL,即“Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages”,是一个专注于为非英语母语者教授英语的领域。近年来,随着全球化的加速和国际交流的日益频繁,TESOL的重要性也日益凸显。它不仅是一个教学领域,更是一种跨文化交流的桥梁,为不同文化背景的人们提供了沟通的纽带。
TESOL是“Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages”的缩写,即“对外英语教学”证书。它是一种国际英语教师资格证书,旨在培养具备专业英语教学能力和跨文化交际能力的人才,以满足全球范围内对英语教师的需求。
TESOL,全称为Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,即“国际英语教育”。这是一个涵盖语言学、教育学和应用语言学等多个领域的学科,其目标在于培养具备全面英语教学能力的人才。而TESOL证书,则是参加TESOL课程合格后所取得的证书,是英语教师资质的一种认证。虽然两者都与英语教学紧密相关,但它们之间存在明显的区别。   ...
TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)作为一项重要的英语教学资格证书,对于许多英语教学从业者来说具有重要意义。然而,在选择报考机构时,必须慎重考虑其资质和信誉,以确保获得的证书具有真正的价值。
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TESOL Certificate registration process

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